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Be Your Own Boss Today

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Business Coaching at Egnatium

You have a dream or a vision that one day you would be your own boss. At the same time you are not acting on this dream, perhaps, because you are worried of failure, you may not have the money, competency, network or may you thinking you still have time to do it.

“As time passes by your dream fades away. ”

Whatever is your reason, Egnatium Entrepreneurs helps you act on your dream and make it a reality. Egnatium Entrepreneurs is a business coaching on demand platform consisting of qualified carefully selected business coaches, entrepreneurial development tools and learning modules to reduce potential failure increase your odds of entrepreneurial success.With a business coach of your choice and structured Egnatium unique lean startup approach you minimize the financial, time and effort loss that comes by doing it on your own.


Exit Strategy

As an entrepreneur, your two most significant assets are time and focus. With our business coaching platform, we teach you how to manage both of these things. A business can last for years, but that doesn’t mean you should be directly involved during the whole life cycle. We teach you how to develop an exit strategy which allows you to build a startup that’s selfsustaining. As a result, you will eventually dedicate your time and focus on other things as the business continues to grow without you.


The main factors of a successful business idea are Timing and Commercial Value. In essence, your potential customers must be ready for your concept, which improves their life in some way – or solves a problem for them. By using our online coaching, you can get validation for all your ideas. Our business coaches help collect customer insights to evaluate whether or not it’s ready for the market.


One of the secrets to business success is learning how to make the most of all resources available in your organisation. Business coaching can help you be more creative when it comes to obtaining and managing these resources. You’ll squeeze every last drop out of them, which helps your professional development.

Business Model

Every business needs a specific model that’s built for a particular organisation. If you want to improve in your professional life, then our business coaching platform helps you create a more sustainable business model. We use insights and research to co-develop the ideal model that suits your business needs.


Business coaching can also teach you how to increase the quality of human capital in your organisation. This essentially means that you learn how to get the most out of your employees, and when it may be best to automate certain processes. By using both systemisation and automation, you can align the human capacity of your organisation with the business vision

Regulatory Compliance

The legislation of establishing a business under any jurisdiction requires careful attention especially in the area of corporate governance, ethics, and regulatory compliance. This is the last step in our business coaching framework as it’s often easy to set up a company but can be much harder to close it down later.

Customer Segmentation /Positioning /Pricing /Branding

Entrepreneurs can’t afford to shoot their bullet aimlessly – especially when you have limited resources around you. It’s essential that you know your market segment, and focus on them. As a consequence, you need to learn how to differentiate your business from all competitors by having a clear brand message and value proposition that resonates with your customers. Egnatium’s business coaching helps you figure out your market segment and how to appeal to them.


  • Professional and Certified Coaches

    We have a growing network of professional and certified coaches globally with at least 5 years of coaching experiences who are ready to deliver their service to you- Online, at your own convenience.

  • Learning Modules on-the-go

    We have a library of over 100 online learning modules to choose from which covers 3 main areas- Life Design, Entrepreneurship and Executive Performance.

  • Blueprints and Templates

    We have a library of templates, manuals and guides that would help you in your personal growth journey



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